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For the past 20 years, Al-Hamra Handicrafts has been involved in shaping up natural's unique and priceless stones that are available in Pakistan. We transform these stones into antiques that can be seen at your home, office, factory and other places giving you the feeling of being surrounded by the natural treasure of the Himalaya and the Kirthar that have geologically evolved over million and million of years. It is infect, very fascinating to imagine the geological process through which these stones have evolved over million and million of years. From trees, leaves, shells and animal skin to being transformed into stones from the lava erupted from the volcanoes to being designed in different shapes and sizes taking the form of vases, the figurines from which lighten up the environment. It is wonderful to imagine that stones have geological age of 30 to 60 million years, now existing in your office, factory and home, in shape of flower vase, candle stand, ash tray, pencil jar, paper weight or any other product, which we have shaped, so you could decorate your environment by natural's precious treasure.

Natural has provided Pakistan with the world's best and extensive onyx and marble treasure. Undoubtedly many countries in the world treasure, but Pakistan enjoy the homer of having the best green onyx and different quality marble stones in the world. Green Onyx is clear and translucent, and in the presence of light it becomes crystal-clear and looks more beautiful. There are many other shades, namely White Onyx, Banded Onyx, Dark Green Onyx and Multi-Green Onyx. Pakistan enjoys the best quality marble. It has about 20 more different color stones which are not use only for construction but also for Orientals that we produce and export all over the world. Out of which 12 different color stones, you can see in our catalogue.

Al-Hamra Handicrafts not only produces quality items that are mentioned in the catalogue, but other quality items of your choices as well. We specialize in this field and make all sorts of different sizes, to be more precise "1 cm to 60 cm diameter and 150 cm height". Al-Hamra Handicraft can produce Onyx and Marble Orientals in all different color and shades. We also produce creative and other Orientals in different design and also design of your own choice. We offer a verity of color and designs to every potential customer according to his needs.

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